Short Stories


We are proud to find a new home at Think Coffee at 1 Bleecker Street, corner of Bowery.

2014 DATES: January 13, February 10, March 10, April 14, May 12, June 9, July 14

Announcing… Unboxed Voices Anthology: Volume One, a collection of short stories that have been shared by in the first 2 1/2 years of Unboxed Voices.*and poems

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Available for purchase at Unboxed Voices events for $15 or ONLINE. Plus, win a chance to get it for FREE just for attending one of our events.

Evening of Short Stories Featured Writers:

Hilary Adams              Eric Clinton Anderson
Michael Betza             Rachel Blithe
Brad Brockman          Bob Burke
Rachel Castillo            Roberto C. Chavez
Erica Ciccarone          Robin D’Amato
Quincy Davis               Priscilla Flores
Kim Frazier                  Gwen Deely
Eddie Deleon               Andre Dimapilis
Nicolette Dixon            Melissa Fernandez Alanna Finn                  Rose Fontanella
Joseph Garel               Steve Geng
Mark Goldblatt             Eric Goldsborough
April Gray Wilder         Maria Gregorio
Dahlia Heyman            Trish Hicks
Janis Holm                   Irene Kontje
Keith Johnston             David Jacobs
Rachel Lin                    Ghana Leigh
Mitch Levenberg          Heidi Kleister
Stella Milnes                 Hank Minskoff
David Mitnowsky         Nayanda Moore
Alex Moy                      Kate Mozer
Sahar Muradi               Kadzi Mutizwa
Steve Newman            Lexy Nistico
M. Tracey Ober           Liz O’Callahan
Tracey Orick                Emiy Owen
Aubyn Peterson           Therese Plummer
Rachel Rear                 Tammy Remington
J. Anthony Roman       Shelly Roach
Jonathan Schaefer      Robert Shattuck
Jane S. Tennan           Nick van der Grinten
Tony Vigorito                Ari Vernon